When to Replace Seed Disc Openers



Many of the better seed openers will last many moons and are a worthy investment. However, there comes a day when some improvements are worth making. A small investment in research and development can lead to real gains in your harvest. At this stage, the following points should be looked at. Are my seed disc openers running as smoothly as they did on day one? Has my local site grown considerably? Are there more crops to harvest? These are three good questions you could ask yourself before you buy new seed disc openers.

 How to Choose New Openers.?

It’s important to choose the right openers for your seed discs. The most common reasons for failure are:

The opener is not made for the disc it’s mounted on. It can be one or two different sizes, but it needs to be a match.

The opener has been in place too long and is worn out. This can happen after only a few seasons of use if you don’t take good care of it or have been using an improper size opener for your disc.

The opener has become bent or twisted from rocks hitting it, or from being misaligned with the disc when installed by someone else who didn’t know what they were doing. This can also cause premature wear on both parts as well as premature failure of either part due to poor alignment when they’re put together again after being hit by anything that causes them to bind up while turning instead of freely spinning all the way around with no resistance at all when properly aligned and installed properly in the first place.

 How to Replace The Old Discs?

Seed disc openers are the most important part of your seed drill. It is a device that opens and closes the seed discs. The disc opener should be cleaned and checked regularly to ensure that it is working properly.

How to replace the old discs

  • Clean off any dirt or debris from the disc opener.
  • Remove any broken or damaged pieces from the disc opener.
  • Check for cracks in steel parts using a magnet. If any magnetic objects stick to the steel, it means there is rust on the surface and it needs replacement.

Inspect Your Seed Disc Openers Regularly.

Seed Disc Openers are an essential part of your seeding equipment. They are responsible for opening the seed discs, allowing the seeds to fall into the ground.

If you want to maximize your seed germination, it is important that you take proper care of your Seed Disc Openers.

Here are some tips on how to inspect and maintain your Seed Disc Openers:

·         Inspect Your Seed Disc Openers Regularly

It’s important to inspect your Seed Disc Openers regularly. You can use a moisture meter or infrared thermometer to check if there’s heat buildup in any part of the opener. This could be an indication that you need to replace them soon with new ones.

·         Check The Blades And Gears Regularly

You should also check the blades and gears regularly. Make sure they aren’t worn out. If they are damaged or worn out, it might cause damage to other parts of your seeder as well!

There are Several Signs That Indicate It’s Time to Replace Seed Disc

Seed disc openers are used to open the seed ports on a planter. They can also be used for seeding wheat, barley and oats. A good seed disc opener should be able to cut through the tough hulls of these crops without damaging them.

There are several signs that indicate it’s time to replace your seed disc opener:

If your opener has rust spots on it, it needs to be replaced immediately. Rust will cause damage to your planter and could cause problems with planting depth and seed placement.

If you have any doubts about whether or not your opener is sharp enough, simply run it across a piece of paper. If you can see lines being cut into the paper, then your opener is sharp enough. If not, then you need to sharpen it before using again.

If your discs aren’t coming out cleanly from the machine when they’re used, they may be dull or broken. You may need a new set of discs if this happens often enough during planting season.

 First, Check for Wear on The Wings And Hub.

There are two types of seed disc openers, the swivel style and the fixed style. Swivel-style openers spin freely on the hub, with wings that lift up as they rotate. Fixed-style openers are attached to the hub by a bolt, so no movement is possible.

One way to tell if it’s time for a new seed disc opener is by checking for wear on the wings and hub. If there’s any visible damage, you’ll want to replace your opener. You can also use this test to determine if you need new discs: If they’re worn down more than 1/2 inch or so, they may not be providing enough protection against weeds and other unwanted plants.

Another indication that it’s time for a new seed disc opener is if you notice that it’s difficult to turn or start rotating when you turn the key in your tractor. If there’s too much resistance and it takes more effort than usual to rotate your seed disc opener, then it may be time for replacement.


The biggest thing is if it starts skipping or throwing off the seed because of wear and tear, that’s when we would recommend replacement. Another good indicator is if the discs are cracked or broken. When that happens, you may not be able to plant all of your seeds properly because there will be gaps in between the discs where seeds could fall out through the cracks in between them. Also, if you notice any cracks on your discs after harvest time, those cracks can spread further into other parts of the machine as well. If you notice any cracks at all or if your discs are worn down too much after harvest time, then it’s probably time for replacement.