10 genius bedroom interior design tips

10 genius bedroom interior design tips

You’ve got to get creative with your interior design choices with a small bedroom, but don’t sweat it – with some strategic thinking and a few space-savvy selections, you can craft a cosy hideaway that feels like a luxe boutique hotel suite (cramped quarters and all).

  1. Get an ottoman bed

Ditch that traditional bed frame for an ultra-functional ottoman bed instead. 

With these clever beauties, the entire mattress base lifts to reveal a genius hidden storage compartment below. There’s enough sneaky space to stash away every off-season sweater, spare set of sheets, and other bits and bobs.

Models can lift from the side or end for easy access to your stowaway zone, and if you want to impress the guests, spring for one with an easy-lift system that lets you fling open the entire top like a giant cushioned treasure chest.

Pictured: Sherwood 5FT Kingsize Ottoman Bed Frame – Light Grey. Available from Bedstar, Priced £691 (Save £107 on RRP)

  1. Double up with wardrobe drawers

Why settle for one lonely wardrobe just for hanging items when you could have that plus drawers for all your folded pieces? 

Drawer wardrobes make hanging and folding things away a breeze. To really take things to the next level, grab one with slim built-in shelving, perfect for wrangling handbags, belts, and all your accessories into an Insta-worthy display.

  1. Exploit the back of your bedroom door 

That stretch of wall on the back of your door is untapped territory just waiting to be exploited with hanging storage. 

An over-door organiser with pockets is perfect for containing shoes, bags, and other odds and ends. A mounted full-length mirror lets you do regular outfit check-ins without a clunky floor mirror wasting valuable real estate.

  1. Build your dream gallery wall

You might be short on floor space, but those bare walls beg for a statement gallery displaying all your curated art prints, framed photos, and meaningful treasures. 

Get creative with arrangements of different frame sizes and shapes for an ultra-personalised look that captures your favourite interior styles.

Pictured: Eco Wooden Bed Frame – Oak. Available from Bedstar, priced £207 (Save £171 on RRP)

  1. Let there be (lots of) light 

Are cramped quarters feeling a tad…caved-in? A clever lighting strategy is key to tricking the eye into perceiving more space. 

Start by maximising every ounce of natural daylight with sheer curtains or Venetian blinds, and then create a layered lighting situation with lamps, sconces, and string lights to supplement. Glowing orbs instantly elevate any boudoir to serene retreat status.

  1. Add a mural

An accent wall can pack a punch with peel-and-stick wallpaper or decals to create a stunning focal point behind your bed or across from the door. 

Look for larger-scale patterns or dreamy scenes that add dimension and make the room feel bigger. Removable murals are renter-friendly and let you easily switch up the look. 

Pictured: Limelight Rosa Fabric Bed Frame, available from Bedstar – natural light has been linked to improved focus, efficiency, and less illness with reduced absenteeism.

  1. Embrace floating furniture

Wall-mounted desks, hanging nightstands, and dressers help to eliminate visual clutter and create a weightless atmosphere of open airiness.

Visible legs on bulky furniture create obvious boundaries that shrink a small space even more. Avoid at all costs. 

  1. Up your mirror game 

Hang an oversized round or arched mirror above your bed as a pseudo-headboard. Cluster different shapes together for that modern salon vibe. And, of course, don’t forget a floor-length mirror in the corner to snatch all those post-outfit 360s.

  1. Live in a neutral palette 

Stick to pale pastels, warm whites, and soft neutrals to keep your sanctuary bright, airy, and open. You can always punch up the look with fun textiles and décor – bright orange, neon yellow, and lime green are some personal favourites. 

  1.  Hide it all in plain sight

The usefulness of a storage headboard like on the Birlea Alfie can’t be overstated in a small bedroom. You get bonus shelves galore for books, plants, and midnight snacks, instantly carving out a bit of that essential design real estate you’re craving.