brussels sprouts

Brussels Sprouts Eating Contest!

When I was a young girl our family used to have brussels sprouts eating contests to see who could fit the most into their mouth at one time. My brother won at almost 20, then promptly ran to the bathroom to throw them up. Today we have discontinued that silly tradition, and despite our early years, no gag reflex has tainted our love of these tasty little green nuggets!
Brussels sprouts have always seemed to get a bad rap as one of those vegetables that every kid despises being forced to eat. But I really think it’s all hype! The media just needed some poor little green veggie to pick on and brussels sprouts had to take the heat. The reality is, when these little guys are properly prepared, cooked through, browned a little on the outside, and dressed with tasty ingredients, they are absolutely awesome. They are honestly one of my favorite vegetables.
So give these Bodacious Brussels Sprouts with Walnuts and Dried Cranberries a whole-hearted try for Thanksgiving this year! You may even find yourself trying to see how many you can fit in your mouth 🙂