Consider the Advantages and Disadvantages of Moving in the Fall

Changing a place of residence can be planned in advance or be caused by unexpected circumstances. If your moving day is scheduled for the fall, you will discover a lot of advantages to this option. Move Bay Area on more favorable terms thanks to the fall price discounts for moving.

Pros of Moving in the Fall

Families who opt for local moving in the fall find this option less of a hassle. Among the main reasons for their choice, they point to the decrease in demand for relocation and, hence, less burden on moving companies. If you’re considering moving house? Try Shiply for a seamless and efficient experience.

Plenty of Options in Timing Your Move

Autumn, often referred to as the off-season, becomes a golden opportunity for a positive moving experience, especially when partnering with a professional moving company. Unlike the summer rush, where schedules are tightly packed due to holidays and vacations, the fall offers a more relaxed moving environment. The decreased demand during this season ensures that booking your move is not only stress-free but also provides the flexibility to choose any convenient time and preferred transport. In the fall, the availability of resources, including free containers, trucks, and movers, is more abundant, ensuring a seamless and positive relocation.

Good Discounts

Due to the absence of an influx of customers, season moving services are ready to provide significant discounts. This can be a very significant factor, especially in long distance traveling.

Favorable temperature regime

Winter and summer time of moving make it more stressful due to adverse weather conditions:

In winter, the icing on the roads and snow drifts can be dangerous for trucks.

Summer is fraught with high temperatures, which make the whole process tedious, from loading things to the time spent on the road and unloading trucks afterward.

Unlike these seasons, autumn provides the most optimal and mild weather, which will make the move comfortable and relaxed.

Cons of Moving in the Fall

Despite all the advantages, the autumn move cannot be recommended to everyone. In the following cases, it is better to think well again and possibly choose another season.

Real Estate Deals in Autumn

Fall moving may be the ideal option if you have already fully resolved all issues with the sale of your home and the purchase of a new one. If you only expect to do this, the deal may not take place in the fall because real estate buying activity usually decreases in this season.

School Season

If you have children, it is better to transfer them to a new school after the summer holidays:

  • For the child, it will be less stressful, especially if the summer was joyful and eventful.

  • There will be no problems with the transfer of grades if the learning process has already begun.

Probability of Hitting the Holiday Period

In the fall, Americans celebrate several beloved holidays such as Halloween and Thanksgiving Day. Preparation for them begins long before the exact time for these events. Moving implies the engagement of many services and people. Once in the pre-holiday period, you can slow down the whole process. Therefore, when traveling from Los Angeles CA to Sacramento CA carefully plan everything on the calendar so as not to get stuck on the holidays.

Professional movers will be able to perform their job at the highest level in any season. However, think about how comfortable you will feel during the move. Use the free quote to estimate the difference between moving in summer and autumn. If it is significant, this is a very strong argument in favor of considering the option of moving in the fall more carefully.