Coquette aesthetic is inspiring younger generations to get crafty

Pink is the new black? 

That’s true for many users on Tiktok and Instagram. 

Social media is responsible for the resurgence of many things, but more recently the “coquette” aesthetic has been taking over people’s feeds, influencing people, especially Gen Z, to change up their style and get a little crafty. Because so many people are on social media, it’s not surprising that a certain style can inspire people to try new things. The coquette trend is not only causing people to change up their look, but also giving them the push they need to dive into their creative side. People have the tools they need right at their fingertips to take up a new hobby that gets them one step closer to living the ultimate coquette life. Quilting is making a comeback among the younger generations, all thanks to the color pink, lace, bows and ribbons.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the coquette aesthetic, here’s a little background. Think pink, pearls, bows, ribbons and romance. Anything that exemplifies femininity with a hint of a vintage vibe is what the coquette trend is all about. Social media users have been all over this new era, making videos about their new style or showing others how they can get crafty with it. A lot of the coquette aesthetic is centered around handmade items or upcycling antique clothing, jewelry and decorations. Being coquette is almost a way of life. 

The coquette aesthetic is not just confined to one’s personal style, but shown in the things people do. Quilting and crocheting are just two of things that are gaining traction recently. Not only does this inspire people to buy pink and pretty quilts, there are hundreds or thousands of fabrics out there that match this aesthetic for people to do it themselves. It is so easy nowadays for people to watch videos on TikTok that walk them step-by-step through the process of quilting. People can reach the coquette aesthetic through their own talents, and that’s coquette in and of itself. 

“Social media can be an amazing tool for quilters, no matter if you’re just beginning or you’ve been quilting for decades. It allows you to connect quilters from anywhere, with each person bringing different ideas or techniques to the table. Need info or want to dive into some research? Youtube, Pinterest, TikTok and other platforms can help walk you through a step by step guide or give you some inspiration. Online platforms can also provide you with supplies that aren’t necessarily available in your area,” says Corey Pearson, Master Quilter at Linda’s Electric Quilters.

The vintage aspect of the coquette trend is what makes quilting and crocheting the perfect activity for this lifestyle. Quilts are very antique-looking and full of patterns, so people have a lot of space to keep this trend going. There is no limit to what people can stitch together, and they can fit their creativity into the trend. Social media makes it so accessible for people to keep up with the ever-changing trends on TikTok, but it also gives people an outlet to try new things. 

Even if the coquette lifestyle dies down soon, those who followed it closely and took up quilting will have a skill they can use forever. Trends come and go, but quilting is always there. Whatever the next aesthetic is that people follow, quilters can use their creativity to match the hype. The best part about being crafty is that there is no limit, the possibilities are endless. You are only a stitch away from rocking whatever style comes next!