The Good Decisions Trifecta and Shake It Off!

At Good Decisions we practice what we call, The Good Decisions Trifecta.
To get the good stuff, the deep details and nuances of each of these three pillars, you would have to join others and kick sugars butt in our 30 Day No Sugar Challenge, or sign up for our online course.
But for now, here is a small taste to wet your whistle:

The Good Decisions Trifecta


  1. Eat when you are hungry.
  2. Stop eating when your body is satisfied.
  3. Enjoy every bite, no matter what you eat.

Eat when you are hungry can be achieved by doing The Hunger Check.
Stop eating when your body is satisfied can be achieved by practicing shifting from one point on The Hunger Scale to another.
And enjoy every bite.. Well, that happens when you stop looking at food is the enemy. You let go of guilt, shame, and learn to enjoy food and how it nourishes your body. (Our online course helps with this)
There is a 4th aspect to this that is very important:

If you fall off the wagon, shake it off! And get back on!

And whatever you do, wherever you are, whenever you fall of the wagon, remember this video and just “Shake it off” and hop right back on!
Click here for a glimpse of our mascot video: “Shake It Off”