Curtain Rises on the Second Annual Conscious Choice Awards: Vote Now and Celebrate Innovators 

The Second Annual 4BIDDEN Conscious Awards, hosted by Billy and Elisabeth Carson, promises another year of celebrating trailblazers who have made a significant impact across diverse fields. This year, the event gains an extra dose of excitement with Giorgio Tsoukalos stepping in as the host, adding his charismatic flair to an already dazzling lineup of nominees. 

Here’s a closer look at the standout individuals and groups nominated for their remarkable contributions:

Podcast Excellence

  • Erin Lyons captivates with enriching talks on personal development.
  • Alex Ferrari delves into profound spiritual enlightenment.
  • Shawn Ryan provides expert insights from his military background.
  • Roderick Martin explores conspiracy theories with a critical eye.
  • Sean Kelly examines the interplay between technology and societal changes.

Space Anomaly Pioneers

  • Martine Graney champions open access to space exploration discoveries.
  • Rami Bar Ilan interprets mysterious aerial phenomena.
  • Avi Loeb, famous for his work on interstellar objects, broadens our cosmic knowledge.
  • Neville Thompson analyzes mission data to spotlight space anomalies.

Visionary TV Hosts

  • Regina Meredith offers fresh takes on spirituality and wellness.
  • Jimmy Church investigates the enigmatic realm of the paranormal.
  • Nick Pope brings his alien expertise to the small screen.
  • Brad Olsen unveils the secrets of Antarctica.
  • King Simon enlightens with his deep understanding of numerology.

Influential Social Media Voices

  • Digital influencers like @shwetasinghkirti and @lawofattractionlive inspire with motivational content, pushing boundaries and engaging with a global audience on various platforms.

Spiritual Guidance Leaders

  • Sadhguru shares deep existential wisdom.
  • Michael B. Beckwith promotes a journey towards spiritual openness.
  • Doctah B Sirius focuses on holistic health and natural wellness.
  • Cortney Kane Sides is recognized for her spiritual art and insights.
  • Bruce H. Lipton bridges the gap between science and spirituality.

Champions of Philanthropy

  • Zeek (New Era) leverages technology for educational betterment.
  • Dr. Daniel Amen advocates for mental health and brain wellness.
  • Chakabars pushes for social change and community health.
  • Tim Storey inspires with his motivational oratory.
  • Communities in Schools work tirelessly to improve educational outcomes.

Musical Innovators

  • Londrelle integrates mindfulness into his music.
  • Trevor Jackson redefines modern R&B.
  • Ras Kass blends history with hip-hop.
  • Gorilla Tek introduces spiritual themes into his music.
  • DAX and Donny Arcade offer emotionally charged and metaphysically rich lyrics.

Creative Minds in Film and Production

  • Zohar Entertainment specializes in historical and mysterious content.
  • Sid Goldberg explores metaphysical themes.
  • Caroline Cory delves into consciousness and psychic phenomena.
  • 3rd Phase of the Moon captivates with UFO documentaries.

Health and Wellness Advocates

  • Mike Rashid emphasizes mental resilience alongside physical fitness.
  • Dr. Tara Swart applies neuroscience for mental and cognitive enhancement.
  • Tana Amen focuses on brain health through diet.
  • Dr. Patrick Porter innovates with sound technology for mental improvement.
  • Dr. Joe Dispenza teaches the power of thought in health transformation.

Entrepreneurial Leaders

  • Gven Sariol champions sustainable business practices.
  • Richard Merritt is recognized for tech innovations.
  • Kika Wise leads in wellness franchising.
  • Robert Grant employs mathematical strategies in business innovation.
  • Tay & Felicia Sweat advocate for holistic wellness.

Scholars and Historians

  • Authors like Paul Wallis and Matthew LaCroix discuss the implications of ancient texts and mythologies.
  • Mohamed Ibrahim offers insights into Egyptian history.
  • Graham Hancock debates ancient civilizations.
  • Christopher Dunn investigates technologies of the ancients.

Renowned Archaeologists

  • Giorgio Tsoukalos, also this year’s host, is famed for his ancient alien theories.
  • Hugh Newman, Nassim Haramein, Brien Foerster, and Linda Moulton Howe continue to explore the connections between ancient civilizations and modern science.

This event is more than just an award ceremony; it’s a vibrant assembly of individuals dedicated to shaping a better future. Cast your vote for your favorite nominees and secure your tickets to the 2nd Annual 4BIDDEN Conscious Awards.
For more details on voting and ticket purchases, visit the 4BIDDEN Conscious Awards website. Join us in celebrating these extraordinary achievers who inspire change and progress.