a tasty gluten free lunch idea

A Tasty Gluten-Free Lunch Idea

When it comes to nutritious gluten-free lunch ideas, I have to admit that I always get a little stumped. It’s hard to get my mind off the processed sandwich meat slipped between two slices of bread and slathered in mayo. It’s such an ingrained go-to! So when I come across something much more nutritious that actually works really well I get super excited.
And my Lettuce Wraps with Chicken and Peanut Hoisin Sauce recipe works really well! I made a big batch of this for dinner and then rolled up the extra and put it into tupperware containers for lunch the following day. They held up fantastically!
A word to the wise— Don’t be tempted to substitute with romaine lettuce because it will wilt and leave you disappointed and soggy. Butter lettuce works great, as does iceburg lettuce.
As time goes by our lunch tab on Good Decisions will continue to grow, so keep an eye on it for more great and tasty lunch alternatives!