Green Bathroom Remodeling: Five Eco-Friendly Ideas for a Sustainable Makeover

Green Bathroom Remodeling: Five Eco-Friendly Ideas for a Sustainable Makeover

A bathroom is one of the most used places in a house, and it’s evident that it faces a lot of wear and tear. An outdated bathroom that needs fixing indicates functionality and efficiency decline. This can also harm the environment and increase your eco-footprint. An outdated bathroom means excess water wastage, more energy use, increased utility bills, etc. Moreover, an outdated bathroom also kills the aesthetic of the whole house. So, if you have an outdated bathroom, it’s time to remodel it. But keep in mind environmental stability when giving your bathroom a makeover.

People are becoming more conscious of the environment and adopting green or environmentally safe practices in every aspect of their lives. Even every state is encouraging its citizens to be conscious and knowledgeable about sustainability. Initiatives like Sustainable San Antonio and Ordinances And Governance regarding sustainability practices in San Antonio are good examples in this regard. By using green technology in your bathroom remodel, you can not only help sustain the environment but also get a more beautiful and better-functioning bathroom.

So here are five eco-friendly ideas for a sustainable bathroom makeover.

  • Install A New Shower:

If you have a bathtub instead of a shower or an old shower, it’s high time that you switch to an eco-friendly shower. Bathtubs consume much more water than showers. Depending on the water level, on average, a bathtub needs 50 to 150 liters of water per fill. But if you switch to a shower, you can significantly save water.

For tub-to-shower conversions, find the top-rated bathroom remodeling company in your area. If, say, you live in San Antonio, Zintex Remodeling Group will provide you with the best options for bathroom remodels in San Antonio at affordable rates. They can replace your bathtub with a shower in only one day.

By installing a water-efficient showerhead, you will only use 9 liters of water per minute. At the same time, older-style showerheads use 19 liters of water per minute. Taking shorter showers with water-efficient showerheads is the best step towards sustainability.

  • Use Sustainable Materials:

Using sustainable materials is a must in a green bathroom remodel. There are many eco-friendly options you can choose from that will also instantly beautify your bathroom while making it environmentally efficient. For example, instead of using traditional wood for cabinetry and vanities, you can opt for reclaimed wood, bamboo, etc. These eco-friendly materials are easily renewable and also aesthetically pleasing. For walls and floors, you can use recycled materials like recycled porcelain tiles, glass, etc., and play your part in reducing waste.

You can even choose eco-friendly materials for countertops, too. For example, you can look for locally sourced and eco-certified materials like recycled concrete, quartz, etc. Not only do these options align with your environmentally conscious goals, but these are all durable things that have a low impact on the environment. These materials don’t get damaged easily and don’t need constant repairing, causing wastage and increasing your spending.

  • Install Energy Efficient Water Heater:

As the winter approaches and the use of water heaters also increases, it is a wise decision to go for energy-efficient alternatives. EIA reports that almost 18% of energy use in a household is for heating water. And you can reduce this energy use by installing eco-friendly alternatives. It is obvious that a water heater is technically not in the bathroom, but since it serves the purpose of heating water to use in the bathroom, upgrading it falls in the realm of green bathroom remodeling.

There are tons of energy-efficient water heater options you can choose from. Here are some examples.

  • Tankless Water Heater: it does not store water like a conventional heater; instead, the water gets heated as you use it. It uses 22% less energy than conventional gas water heaters.
  • Solar Water Heater: these can reduce your water heater energy costs by up to 50%.
  • Heat Pump Water Heater: this works like a reverse air conditioner. It extracts heat from the air and uses it to heat the refrigerant, which then heats the water.
  • Condensing Storage Water Heater: this water heater does not lose heat through venting. It captures the exhaust and then pushes that through the heat coils present inside the heater. Thus, it creates more hot water while using less energy.


  • Use Non-Toxic Finishes:

A bathroom remodel is incomplete without a repaint. But when you are remodeling with an eco-friendly approach, make sure you use natural and non-toxic products that are not harmful to the environment. Most of the paint options have harmful chemicals called volatile organic compounds or VOCs. These harmful chemicals contribute to indoor air pollution. Paints, household cleaners, varnishes, etc., all release VOCs.

VOCs are used as solvents in stains, varnishes, and paints that can have short and long-term harmful impacts on your health. Such paints containing VOCs can make you lightheaded, nauseous, and dizzy and can give you a headache. Some VOCs in paints are found to be carcinogens, and they continue emitting harmful vapors even long after the paint has dried. It is essential to find non-toxic paints.

Also, keep this in mind when you are using adhesives and sealants that they are also free from any harmful or toxic solvents. That way, you will create a safer bathroom space and minimize the impact on the environment.

  • Utilize Natural Light To Save Energy:

One of the best ways to ensure a green bathroom remodel is to let in as much natural light as possible and reduce energy use. There are many energy-efficient lighting options, like installing a solar tube or skylight, using energy-saving light bulbs in light fixtures, etc. To maximize natural light in your eco-friendly bathroom, you can go for textured glass blocks for exterior walls and light-colored window treatments. These will allow more natural light to pass through and still maintain your privacy.

During remodeling, you can also place the bathroom mirror in such a position that it catches and reflects natural light throughout the bathroom. By utilizing natural light, you will significantly reduce the use of artificial lighting and save energy.


When people are remodeling their bathrooms, they often forget the most important thing, i.e., sustainability. Suppose you do not make energy-efficient and eco-friendly choices while giving your bathroom a makeover. In that case, you will harm the environment, put your safety at risk, use and waste already scarce resources, and eventually incur more costs in the long run. Following the above ideas, you can have a green bathroom remodel and give it a sustainable makeover that will be beneficial for both you and the environment.