How to Not Eat the Entire Box of Truffles

I walked into the clinic break room today and saw that the holiday gift baskets were starting to arrive. Everyone was beginning to share the holiday spirit by bringing in gifts of chocolate, candy, cookies, and …truffles.
I did my normal double-take at the sight of the chocolate, and felt the little devil clamor up my arm to whisper in my ear, “You’ve done so well this holiday, one truffle won’t hurt. Come on, you deserve it!” Then I paused and waited for the little angel to plead her case. She never came. She didn’t need to because as soon as I brought my attention to my thoughts, the little devil disappeared. Then I shifted from my thinking mind and tuned into my physical body and asked it, “Hey body, there is some chocolate over there, are you hungry? Do you remember chocolate?”. I tuned in to see what my body had to say about chocolate, and it agreed with the little devil that a truffle sounded delicious.
While I was experiencing the chocolate melt in my mouth and stimulate the release of euphoric endorphins, I wondered how many people were having a hard time navigating the holiday and feeling guilty and ashamed about eating chocolate. As I ate the truffle and continued to tune into my body, it sent me a signal. After the second bite I realized that I had deeply enjoyed the chocolate, but now was done with the experience.
While I was walking back to my desk the little devil scrambled back up to my shoulder and said, “Go back! Take another piece, you loved it, why not have another?”. I could feel the innate hard-wiring of my brain instinctively driving me toward pleasure but I just laughed at the voice in my head, the voice of my thinking mind, the voice of the “little devil”. Once again, when I brought my attention to it, it vanished, leaving me free to decide what was next on my agenda. Free to choose what I wanted to do next, which was prepare for my next client… not end up drowning myself in an entire box of truffles!
While this seriously sounds like immense control on my part, it really has nothing to do with control and everything about increased awareness. It’s all about tapping into your inner guidance to get out of your head and into your body. You see, when you don’t buy into your thoughts or attach to them, they lose control over you. You learn the the difference between feeding your physical body, and feeding your emotions.
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And let me know, did it help you to walk away from the chocolate?