How the Instagram Algorithms Work in 2022: Making Your Post Viral is Possible, if You Use These Methods

Things have changed drastically over the past few years: Instagram has made many new options, changed its rules and policy, and what’s the most important – it has changed the way of making certain posts popular. Today even the most advanced content creators have difficulties with gaining enough likes and comments for their posts, and they have to figure out what has changed in the process of how the algorithms work each time to succeed. We have made this article to tell you how the algorithms work today, in summer 2022 – we hope, that this text is still going to be helpful later, as we will also talk about how you can make your post viral using some third party methods (yes, we are talking about the opportunity to buy Instagram likes).

Let’s start with the parameters that you cannot quite influence… or can you?

For Instagram’s algorithms it is very important how much time you will spend looking at a certain publication. It saves data that you provide by looking or not looking at a publication and uses it to decide whether a post is valuable and appealing to users or not. Can you influence this metric or isn’t it quite possible?

Earlier in time clickbaits (pictures that promised a user more than there actually is in the post) were popular and worked quite well, because people weren’t used to them. It helped with increasing the time of interaction with the publication, but today people are tired of catchy methods and are likely to click away if they see something like this in their feed. However, today other things are trendy: certain color schemes and effects that content creators use to make their photos more pleasing to the eye. Today the level of pleasure and relaxment that a user can get by looking at a certain thing matters way more, than an interesting description or text on the photo. So keep that in mind while working on your account’s visuals.

Is there anything else you can influence?

Surely, basically, everything. The next things that Insta uses to make a “decision” about a certain post, is how many times it was liked, how many comments it has and how many times it was saved. First two options might be easily moderated by you using a chance to buy likes on Instagram (comments, followers, views, etc) and the last one can be changed by taking part in activity chats where content creators show each other support and variously interact with the posts that need promotion.

So if you decide to purchase likes or comments, you have to be sure of one thing – that you’re gaining real and authentic thumbs up and commentaries for your posts. These should come from real people, not from bots: just imagine, how silly the comments written by bots are going to look like? Well, yes, but this is not the only problem – all the activity that your page gets from the fake accounts is also seen by Instagram algorithms and is not playing in your favor. Algorithms start perceiving your page as less and less valuable and appealing the more “negative” activity it has on it; and if the amount of thumbs up from the “dead” account becomes bigger than the amount of the “real” likes, the things aren’t looking good for you from that moment on. So make sure that you’re doing the right thing and working with the right type of promotional company.

If you purchase real thumbs though, the statistics are going to go through the roof, and your post is going to be recommended as an interesting one more often. More people are going to see your publication, and in some time it might even go viral! You have to give it a little time and some decent support from a quality service.

And if we’re talking about getting more saves on posts, it is best changed by taking part in the activity chats. On Telegram or on What’s App there are many group chats where content creators gather to give each other a hand of help; and you can share a link to the post that needs support here and ask people to save it. They will do that for a favor in return, so prepare to spend some time online, helping other people as well. However, this option is highly helpful to people who are just starting out on Insta; sometimes, advanced bloggers use it too, when they meet some obstacles in the new spiral of their page’s growth.

So now you know what works for making a post popular and what doesn’t. Keep in mind that all of these methods are going to work only if the post you’re trying to develop is unique and holds something very interesting in it; so make sure to put enough time into generating quality content and keeping in touch with the audience. Often enough they are the people who are giving content creators brilliant ideas that help with moving their profile’s skyrocket and take place between the profiles of the best content creators on social media.