How To Healthy Non-Alcoholic Drinks Help Quitting Everyday Drinking

How To Healthy Non-Alcoholic Drinks Help Quitting Everyday Drinking

When you are trying to be sober, whether it is for health reasons or you just wish to lead a healthier lifestyle, everything suddenly becomes tempting. Having the willpower to quit something you regularly did at parties and other occasions can be terrifying.

What do you tell people?

Will they ask too many questions?

What about the different drinking options you will have? (do not worry about that. In the excerpt below, we have that one covered.)

Do you really need to start saying no to alcohol offers right away?

Yes, you can always carry out your shenanigan in moderation. However, it is always better to quit now than live in moderation, which can slowly affect your organs.

But why be anxious about quitting alcohol when you have such healthy alternatives on the go? Yes, we are talking about non-alcoholic drinks, which give you the sweetness of a cocktail and the dopamine of wine.

How? Well, you have to keep reading!

When You Know, It Is Time

Before we jump straight into the matter of non-alcoholic drinks and how you can make the most of them. Here is a little excerpt on why you should be making this transition. If you find yourself marking some of the scenarios provided in the checklist below, it is high time you think about a major lifestyle change. After all, healthy drinks are a way to a healthy life.

1. You Are Drinking Everyday

Do you find yourself drinking every day? What about a glass of wine when you return from work? Or, probably something stronger like whiskey or scotch on rocks. Are you drinking directly from the bottle? Or do you have to have two glasses a night?

You can stay in denial, but these are not healthy habits, especially when you are not sticking to one glass of wine a night because it will not suffice your cravings.

2. You Do Not Understand Your Limit

If you do not understand your limit, it is, in a way, terrifying. Our body has a way of controlling us when we cannot handle something. However, an individual unable to control their alcohol consumption will keep drinking until they pass out.

If this has happened to you more than once, and you are unable to control your alcohol quantities. Do start taking accountability first. Acknowledgment is the first step to cure.

3. When You Don’t Have It, You Are Upset

Are you getting upset when you stare at the empty bottle of wine?

Does your night plan include ordering some wine or literally taking a stroll to the store nearby?

Is your entire night’s relaxation plan ruined because you have no means to get it?

If any of these scenarios are triggering you, it is time to think.

4. You Go To Events Just For That

When was the last time you RSVP to an event?

Do you remember the reason behind it?

If it is you scrolling to the end of the email or message to see whether they are offering free alcohol, then you need to take control.

Sometimes we do not wish to attend an event, and the prospect of free food or drinks does tickle our senses. However, if you are going out of the way to attend an event for the sole reason that they are offering booze, then there is a problem.

5. It Is For Emotional Support

Is alcohol your emotional support?

If you do not know how to answer this question, then answer the following in your mind.

When you are upset, do you always search through the cabinet for a bottle?

In any situation when you are panicking, is it always a shot of something which helps to calm you? (Is it an everyday occurrence?)

If any of these answers are yes, you should consider non-alcoholic beverages.

Non-Alcoholic Alternatives To The Rescue

Here is why non-alcoholic whiskey is the perfect way to quit drinking and move towards a healthier lifestyle.

1. You Have Something To Drink EOD

If you have a habit of drinking something once you return or take a glass of wine with you to bed, then try non-alcoholic whiskey You are not exactly quitting something; you are simply making a healthy exchange.

For example, when it comes to non-alcoholic beverages, the smell and taste release the same dopamine which your mind associates with sipping alcohol. We could call it a win-win situation.

2. No Hangover To Wake Up To

The best part of non-alcoholic beverages is the lack of hangovers. You can have two cocktails because of how delicious they are, and you wouldn’t even be bothered with a splitting headache or nausea.

Party the morning before, wake the next day, and go to the office.

3. Perfect For Party Cocktails

You could be that one host who supports sobriety. Your events could be alcohol-free and sober-friendly. The invitation could be open with the tagline, “No one will force you to drink.”

Plus, you will have delicious cocktails to top the party with. These tonics have a distinct taste in their making. Plus, any sober friend will have the time of their life in this event since no one would be bothering them or rather forcing them to drink.

4. Your Conscience Is In Tact

How many times has this happened that we have found ourselves making an utterly poor judgment?

  • getting violent.
  • Acting in the most uncivil manner.
  • Calling your ex.

You will have no more of these shenanigans and wake up with regret if you switch to non-alcoholic beverages.