Miki Agrawal
Miki Agrawal

Expanding Your Mind: How Miki Agrawal Manifested Her Dreams

In life, there are challenges that we can overcome and there are challenges that we won’t overcome. For Miki Agrawal, defining the greatest challenge in her life meant turning it into a strength.

After struggling with her own physical health issues, Miki Agrawal would turn her attention toward developing a solution that would not better just her life, but the lives of everyone around her. At the same time that these thoughts were manifesting in Agrawal’s world, the economy was dealing with a serious toilet paper shortage.

Enter the world of Tushy, the first electric bidet developed by Miki Agrawal and her company.

Journey to the Top

The idea of Tushy wasn’t entirely a new one, at least not for Miki. Bathroom health issues had manifested throughout her life and she had been tired of the struggle for quite some time. When COVID-19 threw a wrench into toilet paper accessibility, it felt like the right time for Tushy to take off – and take off it did.

Right now, Miki Agrawal is fueled by her desire to bring game-changing solutions into the homes of customers around the world. At the same time, Agrawal also wants to focus on elevating not just people but also the planet. Landing another round of funding for Tushy, Agrawal has helped to raise her company to the heights of the bidet development industry, saving more than 15 million trees each and every year through the non-use of toilet paper.

Bringing ideas to life through the proper channels is part and parcel of what makes Miki Agrawal and Tushy so successful. Each concept that she wrestles with is delegated to her team (CEO/COO/CMO) where thoughts are explored more fully. Before long, the idea will be processed by the art director and then to its finalized concept where it can be launched in earnest.

Many Roads and Many Adventures

While Miki Agrawal wants to be remembered for her work, she knows that she will have to take many paths to reach her destination. Most recently, Agrawal appeared in Antarctica for a speaking engagement with other leaders and agents of change. Her goal was to help inspire others to bring tangible changes to the world through conceptualizing a better future and building better businesses. Miki also recalls her past as an immigrant and sur-thriver as being pivotal to the person that she has become today.

One underscoring concept that has followed Miki Agrawal throughout her career is the idea that the future is vague and full of surprises. From working in banking in the early 00s in New York City to speaking at engagements on the continent of Antarctica on behalf of the Tushy bidet company, you never quite know where life is going to take you.

Agrawal says, “One strategy that has helped me grow professionally is to truly question everything and bring things back to first principles.”