Alanine – Brain Health and Much More

Alanine is essential for proper function of your central nervous system. This means your brain needs it to function properly. It is also plentiful in human muscle tissue and is readily converted to glucose for energy when blood sugar levels fall. During exercise, your muscles release Alanine into your bloodstream in direct proportion to your level of exertion. It is then converted into blood sugar and released into the blood plasma. Hence, Alanine may help keep your blood sugar levels stable during exercise. Alanine stimulates lymphocyte production and may help people who have immune system disorders. It is also present in prostate fluid, where it may play a role in supporting prostate health.

Animal sources: salmon, cod and most fish, seafood, beef, milk, cheese, eggs, gelatin found in homemade broths or stocks

Plant sources: legumes, nuts, seeds, brewer’s yeast, brown rice, whole grains