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Unleashing Success: The Power of Corporate Events for Maximum Impact

A corporate event is a valuable tool organizations can use to meet a variety of business goals relating to branding, customers, community, employees, and the bottom line. This article explores the many benefits of corporate events, the types of events for various goals, and how working with corporate event planners in NYC can unleash event success.

Benefits of Corporate Events

Hosting a corporate event offers many benefits to organizations. First of all, it’s a powerful networking platform, allowing professionals, community leaders, and potential clients to connect, share ideas, and establish valuable partnerships. They also provide an opportunity to showcase a company’s products, services, and achievements. These can enhance brand visibility and attracting potential clients.

Moreover, a corporate event can become a platform to educate and inspire attendees with presentations, slides, and interactive learning for professional growth.

As corporate event planners in NYC know well, these events can also foster team building, boost company morale, and strengthen connections. Colleagues can interact more relaxedly, fostering camaraderie, a sense of belonging, and creative thought. Finally, hosting a corporate event demonstrates a company’s commitment to its stakeholders. It builds trust and loyalty among clients, investors, and employees alike. 

The following statistics further exemplify these benefits:

  • 90% of Millennials + Gen Z would rather share a picture from an event vs. a new buy
  • 78% of Millennials would rather spend their money on experiences vs. things
  • 69% experience FOMO, an intense feeling that they will miss something if they don’t attend an event.
  • 54% of executives believe events are the most effective marketing tool, while 84% believe events are critical to company success

Events Types

The type of event depends on event goals. These guide all event-related decisions. Event types include:

  • Brand building to increase brand awareness, reach, affinity, and or loyalty.
  • Customer engagement to build interest, trust, and in some cases, excitement for the brand through interactions with the target audience
  • Employee engagement to promote healthy morale, robust company culture, cross-departmental idea generation, education, professional growth, and employee retention
  • Lead generation to attract and connect with potential customers in a more laid-back setting

Why Work with a Corporate Event Planner

Without the right creation, design, and production, an NYC corporate event can quickly become yesterday’s news rather than the one they’ll be talking about for years—costing money without a return on investment.

Corporate event planners in NYC have experience and expertise in planning and executing events that consistently meet goals. For example, Twenty Three Layers has applied the same proven 5-prong approach with companies like Google and Spotify. This approach includes Strategy, Ideation, Design, Development, and Activation. They continue to apply this approach because they know it works—and so do their clients.

Corporate Event Planners NYC

A corporate event is a highly-effective way to meet both internal and external branding and marketing goals. However, organizing and producing an event requires experience and expertise. Finding a corporate event planner that has proven their ability to produce successful events for top brands can ensure that the event achieves maximum impact.