The Cozy City of Louisville

Cities today are known for their expansive cultures, dense living, and high prices. This makes them great places to visit, fun places to rent in while young, although hard places to live in. Louisville, one of the oldest cities in America, manages to bridge the gap between fun and livable.

This is done through the more reasonable prices and culture of Louisville. In Jefferson County, Louisville has one of the lowest costs of living. And even when comparing to the national average the city remains in the lower 50%. Costs like these let anyone settle down and really build a life in a place that is still exciting.

And Louisville is, importantly, exciting. One of the biggest art shows, big music festivals, the Kentucky Derby, there’s a lot to do. Events are perfect for Louisville because of the amazing weather. The average summer high is 88 (fahrenheit) while the average winter low is 26. The weather then only makes the wide range of parks in the city even better. Waterfront Park, Southwest Greenways, Falls of the Ohio State Park, Louisville has a lot to offer.

When looking for the most exciting place in America to visit, Louisville real estate will only top the list a few times. Although when looking for a consistently great place to be and especially live. There are few better options. It’s a cozy city but still an exciting one, and for that it’s a very special place.
What Makes Louisville A Great Place To Live?
Source: Finish Line Realty