What Coffee Types Do People Most Like To Drink Around The World?

While coffee and coffee drinking first appeared towards the end of the 15th century, it’s clear that it has remained an enduringly enjoyable beverage, as millions of people consume it all around the world, every single day. 

With some who hate the taste of it, and plenty more who love it so much they’re addicted to it, there are also those who define themselves as tea drinkers, not coffee drinkers, and those that dabble with both. Whichever side of the fence you’re on when it comes to coffee, it’s interesting to know the top coffee types, and here is a list of the most commonly sipped types of Joe globally:


Arguably the most popular type of coffee in the world, Espresso has its origins in Italy, where it’s produced using boiling water (in a small amount) and coffee beans that are finely ground. Thicker and with a higher level of caffeine, Espresso’s also form the foundation of a range of other coffee beverages. 


Another incredibly popular form of coffee that has its origins in Italy, the cappuccino is formed using a single or double shot of espresso. Steamed milk is then added and before being served in small cups (although somewhat larger than espresso cups), the drink has milk foam added. 


Yet another drink with an espresso at its foundation, a regular latte also features steamed milk. However, the ratio of milk to coffee is 3:1, unlike with a cappuccino which features less milk. 


An americano is made by diluting an espresso with boiling water, and this particular beverage is a firm favorite of anyone who enjoys coffee, but doesn’t want to experience the bold and intense flavors of an espresso, and who wants to drink more than a small cup. 

Iced coffee

A best seller at global café’s such as Starbucks, this refreshing drink is made by pouring cold coffee over ice, and is mixed with sugar and milk. Sweet and rich, many establishments offer a variety of toppings for iced coffees, ranging from whipped cream to chocolate sauce and sprinkles. 

Coffee loving countries

The Italians, Turks and Americans are well known for their love of coffee, and here are just some of the ways they choose to enjoy it:

Coffee in Italy

It makes sense that the country in which the espresso and cappuccino originated, are still as passionate about coffee today as they ever were. With espresso’s available on many street corners, it has some of the best tasting coffee in the world, or so the Italians will tell you!

Coffee in Turkey

Turkish coffee is a beverage quite like no other, and certainly isn’t for the faint of heart, or those who sit in the tea drinking camp! Comprised of finely ground coffee that is boiled in a container known as a cezve, Turkish coffee is thick and rich, and loved by many all over the world. 

Coffee in the U.S.A.

With a cup of joe a regular feature of many American citizen’s days, coffee remains an important beverage stateside. With coffee shops on virtually every street, you can indulge in all manner of the best coffee types, any time of the day or night, but iced coffees are a popular choice, particularly on hot, sultry days. 

If you love coffee, why not go on a coffee tasting trip to a country that specializes in this delicious, caffeinated beverage, and try out how other countries enjoy drinking it. In the meantime, you’ll find coffees from all over the world in grocery stores and specialist cafes, giving you the opportunity to sample their delights from the comfort of your own home!