herbal first aid kit

What is Herbal Medicine?

Have you ever wondered, “What is herbal medicine?” If so you will enjoy my most recent article titled Herbs for Now and After the Zombie Apocalypse. I had so much fun putting together this workshop for a fabulous group of ladies near my hometown that I could not, in all consciousness, consider it work! And the feedback I got was astounding. When I threw the title of the workshop out as a joke I never would have thought it would evolve into a workshop, let alone a book!
Yet it did. So here is a fun peek at a new book that will be launched who knows when, along with an herbal first aid kit that you can use to to heal your gut, decrease gas and bloating, soothe a burn, support your liver, boost your immune system, and much much more.
Let me know if you are excited about this new book and product, and what you think should be added to an essential medicine cabinet!
Yours in health,