whisk licken' good

Whisk Lickin' Good

Some of my fondest memories as a young girl is licking the beaters after mom was done making cakes, frosting, and yes, homemade whipped cream. While I now avoid those goodies most of the time, I still enjoy licking my beaters once in a while and Thanksgiving is just the occasion! So let me introduce my pride and joy, Whisk Lickin’ Maple Nutmeg Whipped Cream.
Unlike the majority of other classic whipped creams, this recipe is refined sugar free! Anytime I can remove sugar from a recipe and replace it with a natural sweetener and still make it taste delicious, I will. This recipe does not suffer from a lack of sugar whatsoever, in fact no one at the table even knew!
Just so you know, this recipe does contain dairy even though Good Decisions is a dairy-free site for the most part. I just couldn’t help myself! If your body does well with dairy, then please feel free to partake in the deliciousness! However, if your pulse elevates when consuming dairy, of if you get an increase in mucus or achy joints, dairy may not be a Good Decision for you. Listen to your body!
As for me, my body can’t get enough of this stuff! It seriously is whisk lickin’ good. Especially on top of my Over the Top Crustless Pumpkin Pie 🙂