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What You’ll Need To Understand When Arrested For The First Time

Arrests can happen unexpectedly to those that have not even committed a crime. Mistaken identity can happen but in most cases, this is not an issue. You can still defend your arrest as a number of people are unjustly arrested for crimes like DWI. The process is going to be incredibly stressful as getting bailed out can be complicated if arrested somewhere you have no connections. An arrest on a business trip can be a nightmare as you might not have very many options to be bailed out and have a flight scheduled in the next few days/hours. The following are things you’ll need to know after being arrested for the first time ever. 

Do Not Answer Questions

Committing a crime does not automatically mean you are going to be convicted. You need to be sure you do not admit to anything regardless of what the police are telling you. The truth is that they might have an order or warrant that gives them no choice so their questioning is just to get further information that could incriminate you. The fact that police can tell you things that are not true makes anything they say untrustworthy. You want to get a lawyer before speaking about anything further than what is said during the initial interaction. 

Find The Right Attorney For Your Case 

Finding the right attorney is going to be important as you want them to have relationships with local prosecutors and judges. Looking for a Raleigh criminal defense lawyer is important if arrested in the Triangle. A lawyer located in Charlotte might not even take the case unless they are a close family or friend. Most would rather recommend an attorney they understand will do a great job that has those local connections. 

Probation Can Be A Hassle

The reason you need to fight charges is to have less in terms of what you have to do for probation. Getting charges dropped completely does not happen all of the time unless the evidence is lacking or a witness is refusing to cooperate or cannot be contacted. The terms might end when you have completed everything you have been asked to do. You also might not be able to do certain things like travel out of state depending on your charges. 

Admitting Any Issues That Caused An Arrest

The causes of an arrest could be alcohol or anger control. There are times when it combines both as substance abuse and emotion regulation issues have been linked. Getting help proactively can actually help a court case immensely as entering any type of program shows progress. The admission of a problem can be so important a judge might consider programs entered into can satisfy different parts of probation. Substance abuse counseling can be recommended for those that have admitted to having a problem or assessed by a professional. 

Getting arrested is going to be flustering but do not panic in the slightest. You do have recourse as the right legal representation can make this a seamless process even when taking a plea deal.