Creating A Car Safety Kit For Summer Travel

Summertime and the living is easy. A lot of that living takes place on the nation’s highways. Road trips are an honored American pastime, with many families packing up and hitting the road. Maybe you plan to drive across the country or just a few states to visit relatives. Whatever your destination, do not forget your care safety kit – one tailored specifically for the hotter months.

What to Include in a Car Safety Kit during Hotter Months

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommends you stock your car with the following items before you leave home.

Cell Phone and Charger: A working cell phone is a lifesaver if you are stranded or caught in a dangerous situation. Be certain that your phone is in good condition and that you take a charger you can plug into your car.

First Aid Kit – You should always keep a basic first-aid kit in your car. It should contain bandages, disinfectant, OTC pain relievers, scissors, an ice pack, and other essentials. You can purchase a well-stocked Red Cross first aid kit or a similar product for a reasonable price.

Flashlight – In fact, pack two. Multiple situations call for a flashlight, so you want to have several on hand with plenty of batteries.

Flares and a White Flag – Flares may be necessary if you are in a remote area without a cell phone signal. Both flares and the white flag are highly visible and signal your distress.

Jumper Cables – Have you seen your jumper cables lately? Make sure they are in your trunk and not your neighbors. You may have lost yours or lent them to someone, but can’t find them. Just buy a new set.

Tire Pressure Gauge – Maintaining your tires’ air pressure helps you avoid flats and saves fuel. Please be sure to check the pressure regularly.

Jack (and ground mat) for Changing a Tire – Your jack and spare tire should be safely stored in your trunk if you haven’t changed a tire, practice before leaving on your trip.

Nonperishable Food, Medicines, and Drinking Water – You will need food and water in case of an emergency. Pack all our prescription medications but also take basic OTC meds you might need.

Your kit should also include duct tape (it can fix so many problems), screwdrivers, a hammer, and an adjustable wrench. Work gloves are also a nice addition. And no matter the season, have some emergency blankets on hand as well as windshield wiper fluid.

Car Prep for Road Trips

Prepare your vehicle for travel. Schedule an oil change if needed before your leave. The technicians will replenish your car’s fluids and check your tire pressure. They will also warn you if your tires are worn or if you need a new fuel filter. If you have concerns about your engine, let your mechanic check it out. Car problems can destroy the best vacation plans.

Happy Travels

A well-stocked vehicle can get you through many minor and major emergencies on the road. Prepare well and enjoy your trip!