help me name my upcoming online course!

Help me name my upcoming online course! Winner gets the course for free!

So I’m in the process of creating an online course of over 18 strategies and key concepts designed to help people overcome struggles with emotional eating, stress eating and binge eating. I will teach people how to listen to their hunger and satiation signals, eat consciously, and discover what it is that they are really hungry for… what they really want in life. The course will hopefully transform, evolve, create peace, give freedom and change an individual’s relationship with food and with his/herself. (Weight loss is a delightful side effect of course!)
But the big question is… what should I title this coure?!
Here are some of my ideas:

  • The Evolution Strategies
  • Overcoming Emotional Eating
  • Diet No More
  • The Satiation Series
  • The Transformation Tidbits (Lol!)
  • The Psychology of Food
  • Food Freedom
  • Eat and Lose Weight
  • Listen and Lose Weight

What are you ideas? You could have the change to win this course for free so please share your thoughts!