Being Present with Powerful Cravings

I was driving to the office today and the little girl inside my head whispered to me, "Stop and get a coffee!" I smiled at the voice and continued to drive on. A few minutes later the voice got louder, "Stop and get a coffee!" I smiled again and replied to her, "Not today, we are on the No Sugar Challenge!" The little girl inside my head started to throw a temper tantrum as the whisper became a scream and I could almost see the little girl kicking her heels and throwing her fists as she wailed, "I want a coffee!!!" Talk about some powerful cravings.
I became uncomfortable as I watched my mind try and justify the coffee, "No one will know", "Your blood sugar levels are fine", and "You deserve it", whispered the little devil on one shoulder. I struggled for control as the little angel on the other shoulder got beat to a pulp by the little devil.
I reached for a tool that I give to my clients; my premeditated statement I use when temptations arise and I need to pull out the big guns. I stated out loud, in my car to no one but myself, "I have had coffee before, I may have it again, I am just not going to have it right now." Then I sat in discomfort as I drove right past Starbucks.
As soon as I passed, the discomfort faded and I felt a wave of satisfaction. I had managed to delay gratification for the greater goal of health and wellbeing! I smiled at the battle I had just observed between me, and myself, and wondered, "If that was me and myself battling it out, who is I?" Hmmm....
What have you been observing this first week?

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