Lip Puckering Persimmons

lip puckering persimmons

I’ve always looked at persimmons with interest, yet have never tried one… until now. Some how I imagined it to be sweeter, juicier, and more of… well, mango like.
So when I made this Persimmon Salad and placed the first bite of persimmon in my mouth, I was a bit taken aback. It immediately began to suck all the moisture out of my tongue, followed by the feeling that there was a fine layer of sand paper left lingering there! The urge to scrape my tongue with a paper towel was difficult to resist, yet resist I did because I wanted the full persimmon experience.
Funny how I had romanticized the persimmon, fantasizing about how wonderful it would taste. But like anything, you never really know a food until you taste it. I mean, you can describe honey from the way it looks and smells, but unless you taste honey, you will never really know honey. The persimmon is the same way.
Now that I know the persimmon, I have two questions, “Do they all taste this way?” and “Does anyone have any tips on how to take a lip puckering persimmon and make it palatable?

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