How to Soak Grains and Legumes

How to Soak Grains and Legumes Properly When you soak a grain in warm water, you initiate the sprouting process. This activates phytase, the enzymes within the seed that break down phytic acid. Phytase also partially breaks down proteins, such as gluten, into simpler components. This breakdown makes them easier to digest and the nutrients more likely to be absorbed […]

Potatoes and Thyme: A Perfect Pairing

I wanted to create a recipe for scalloped potatoes this year that was a little different so I chose my favorite herb to liven things up. It was lip-smacking tongue-tingling delicious! You forget all about the need for heavy cream or cheese in these puppies! Plus, potatoes and thyme go with everything. This is the perfect accompaniment to any meat or seafood […]

Lip Puckering Persimmons

I’ve always looked at persimmons with interest, yet have never tried one… until now. Some how I imagined it to be sweeter, juicier, and more of… well, mango like. So when I made this Persimmon Salad and placed the first bite of persimmon in my mouth, I was a bit taken aback. It immediately began to suck all the moisture out […]

Can Risotto Double as Stuffing?

I was making this Chanterelle Risotto with Garlic and Thyme recipe and realized that it has very stuffing-like qualities to it. It has the savory mushrooms, onion and thyme, as well as the use of bone broth, which would make it a shoe-in as a stuffing alternative this Christmas. Let me know if you think I am crazy, or if I have […]

Secrets for the Perfect Prime Rib

If you’re thinking about going all out with Christmas dinner this year, why not think prime rib? My brother-in-law usually cooks the prime rib on Christmas eve, so I rarely get the opportunity to cook it myself. He does such an amazing job that I wouldn’t dare compete! In fact this man has mastered prime rib like you would not believe. […]

How to Butterfly Cut a Whole Chicken

Butterflied chicken, also known as spatchcocked chicken, is a fabulous way to prep a whole chicken for the grill. Not to mention it is just plain fun to say the word “spatchcocked”! It can make your husband stop in his tracks when asking you, “honey, what’s for dinner?”, and have your kids giggling under the table. I enjoy imagining the […]

How to Cook Pork Tenderloin Perfectly

When pork tenderloin is cooked just right, it’s so juicy, tender and full of flavor. Yet if you’re anything like I was (until I learned a few tricks), for one reason or another you can never get it to come out right. It’s so frustrating! It’s either too dry, too bland, too this or, too that. Well, the search for perfection […]

How to Cook Scallops Perfectly Every Time

The secret to succulent scallops begins with an open conversation with your local fishmonger or seafood counter regarding where they have come from, how fresh they are, and how they have been preserved. There are two types of scallops for your purchasing pleasure: Dry Dry packed scallops are what the high end restaurants use. These are high quality and more expensive […]