fennel noodles with seafood

My Brilliant Fennel Noodles Idea

I was in the mood for pasta tonight, but didn’t want to deal with the gassy, bloated, crampy side effects that come with gluten-filled spaghetti. So I decided to use fennel as a pseudo noodle base on which to perch some of my favorite seafood items. This was genius because fennel in itself is a carminative. It’s a herb known for its gut soothing, gas relieving, digestive enhancing properties. So not only did I not have to worry about gas, but this recipe would ease any digestive discomfort I may be having. Fennel noodles = brilliance!
In addition to the fennel, I included red chili pepper to spice things up. Red chili pepper increases circulation and in high doses has been shown to ease depression and increase sexual function.
When I served this to my partner and told him of all the benefits, what do you think he said?
If you know Austin Powers you’ll understand his response: “Yeah Baby!”
Calamari and Fennel Noodles with Seafood