The Ever Growing Importance of Video

In today’s world nearly 80% of consumers interact with live video weekly. Not only are streaming services and marketing videos ever growing in scale, but more novel uses in healthcare, business, and real estate are similarly growing. Video conferences allow businesses to operate digitally, and video can convey so much information so quickly for any industry.

Very few people are questioning the importance of video, but there are still lots of questions to be asked around application. Live-streaming for example requires massive amounts of bandwidth and lacks consistency in its modern applications. There are also massive issues around compatibility across multiple devices and with privacy concerns.

In its modern application, 30% of sales professionals see web conferencing as a hindrance. There are modern solutions being worked on in response. Eyeson, for example, is working on a single stream technology. Effectively combining the multi stream that most people see in a conference into one universal video stream. This helps with bandwidth concerns and even compatibility.

This is just one solution out of many, but at the end of the day video isn’t going anywhere. While many issues exist, and many of these issues are likely to stick around. Improving live video is not only important, but inevitable, all that’s left to be seen is how.

The power of nimble live video