7 Simple Gift Ideas for a Friend Who is Sick

7 Simple Gift Ideas for a Friend Who is Sick

Being under the weather is never any fun. Giving your friend a small gift while they are at home sick is a great way to show you care and boost her spirits. This simple gesture can go a long way in the recovery process and help your friend fight boredom and low feelings. Here is a list of seven awesome simple gift ideas for your ailing friend.

1- Comfort Foods

Food and drinks can be a lifesaver when you’re sick, especially if you can’t make it out to the grocery store yourself. For the friend who is currently ill and probably not ready to dive into a huge meal or loads of junk food, opt for soups, flavorful broths, and plenty of liquid for hydration. If your friend is home recovering and feeling a little better, go for candies and snack foods. Sports drinks, teas, and flavored water are good ideas for simple hydration. Just keep in mind your friend’s preferences and allergies, if you know them.

2- Books and Magazines

Lounging around the house all day can get extremely boring. Send your friend books or magazines to keep the boredom at bay and provide some entertainment. Pick out a book from your friend’s favorite genre or introduce her to your favorite author. For a free option, head to the library and check out a few to give your friend a choice of different types of books. Be sure to let your friend know that you will return them when finished to save them the trouble. Magazines are great too, to flip through, look at photos and ads, and read short articles to pass the time.

3- Candles

Who doesn’t love candles? Scented candles can provide a soothing and calming effect, great for creating a relaxed atmosphere while you heal. Certain fragrances even provide aromatherapy benefits, such as lavender and vanilla. Lighting a candle will help your friend relax and provide a calm environment for recovery.

4- Slippers, Socks, or a Cozy Blanket

Being sick is just plain miserable. Gifting your ill friend a soft, warm blanket, some fuzzy socks, or even a cute pair of slippers to plod around the house in is a great way to provide a little comfort to their time stuck at home. As an added bonus, these gifts can be enjoyed even after your friend is healthy again.

5- Movie Rentals

Online and streaming movie rentals allow you to catch a flick without leaving your house. With your friend at home sick, there’s bound to be plenty of downtime that needs filling. Gift your friend a gift card for a streaming service so that he or she can choose a movie to watch while snuggled in at home.

6- Flowers and Plants

Flowers are a great go-to gift for nearly any occasion. A bunch of colorful buds brings a sense of fresh air into your friend’s house and is the perfect way to quickly let him or her know you’ve been thinking of them. For a gift that keeps on giving even after your friend is back to full health, opt for a small and easy-to-maintain potted plant.

7- Puzzle and Coloring Books

Another simple way to fight the boredom of being at home sick is puzzles and activity books. Coloring and word searches are great for adults, giving them something to do to pass the time while stuck in the house. Choose a variety puzzle book for a greater assortment of puzzles to choose from or a hilarious adult coloring book for better amusement.

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