Agave Nectar, Friend Or Foe?

Agave nectar seems to be making a big appearance on the sweetener scene, but is it really good for you? Let’s find out… How It’s Processed And Refined When determining if something is good for you or not, one of the first things you want to do is look at is how it’s processed. While corn has certain healthful properties, […]

My Sugar Alternatives Article Published on Ben Greenfield Fitness!

Hello Good Decisioners! My sugar alternatives article was recently published on the Ben Greenfield Fitness website! Check it out: “8 Natural Sweetener Alternatives That Won’t Take You Out Of Fat Burning Mode (And 4 That Will!)”. A delicious recipe is included! This is really cool because Ben Greenfield’s mission is to show you how to get your body performing at peak capacity, with maximum […]

An Exclusive Recipe From a Fellow Food Blogger

I’d like to give a shout out to a fellow blogger Alycia of Food Blog It! She has created this mind numbing naturally sweet exclusive recipe for the Good Decisions community. This could not come at a better time now that our members have just finished with the No Sugar Challenge. So if you are looking for something sweet to celebrate 28 […]