organic corn on the cob

Nothing Like Grilled Organic Corn on the Cob

I love organic corn, but sometimes it can be difficult to get. So every year I wait patiently for organic corn on the cob to arrive at my local farmer’s market, and when it arrives I buy it like it is going out of style! I take it home and remove the kernels from the cob and freeze it for use throughout the year. No matter how you prepare it, organic corn just tastes better. The skin is not as thick and it is so sweet and juicy you have to be careful not to squirt your neighbor in the eye when you bite into it!
I love to enjoy organic corn on the cob boiled in water or roasted in the oven, but best of all, fresh off the grill. There’s just something about those little black char marks and that smokey flavor that really sets my summer off! How about you?
Check out this recipe for the perfect grilled corn on the cob!