fourth of july flavored water

Liquid Fourth of July!

Ok, so I know what your thinking, how could water possibly taste like the fourth of July? Well…it just does! I mean all you have to do is look at this combination of fruit to all your senses will be feeling patriotic in no time.
You can even use watermelon as a substitute for strawberries if you really want to get crazy with your fruit flavored water! Combining fruit and water is an excellent way to hydrate, especially in the heat of mid-summer. It infuses the water with vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and pure natural flavor that just makes plain water so much more delightful.
So the next time you are thirsty, but aren’t in the mood for water, reach for some fruit water. Take note that it’s also good for hangovers if you found you have overindulged! Might be especially useful the day after the 4th of July? 🙂
Find the recipe here!