A Tale of Two Evenings

  It’s six thirty pm. You get home from work and it’s been a long day. The life that you are living is not what you thought it would be. Day in and day out you work hard, deal with relationships, and put everyone first but you. –You always seem to come last.   You go to the fridge and […]

The Top 3 Biological Barriers to Weight Loss

Do you have a really hard time with your weight loss goals? Do you continuously blame yourself for “falling off the wagon”? If you do, then it’s prime time to realize that it’s not your fault… blame it all on your biology! You’ve been fighting against a system that’s been rigged right from the start! Now while this may seem like a great […]

Weight Loss Resolutions: My Interview on ABC!

Check out my recent live interview, Make Your Weight Loss Resolutions Stick, on ABC’s KATU2 On Your Side! Watch the video and listen to my talk about these essential steps! Prep! Once you have a plan, prepare for the week. Shop on weekends or your day off and know what each meal will consist of. Creating a menu plan for the week increases […]

Creating a Plan of Action for the New Year

The count down begins! Only 2 more days until 2015! What New Years resolutions are you making this year? Change can often be difficult if we don’t have a plan of action. Some of our favorite foods and the frequency in which we eat them can sometimes draw us toward them without us even thinking about it. To overcome this “hard wiring”, […]