The Hunger Check: Are You Actually Hungry?

This is a fabulous exercise that I personally use every time my fiancé makes popcorn… and he makes popcorn a lot. I will suddenly smell the ghee wafting through the house and my ears perk up as I begin to hear the kernels popping. As I await the sound of the beloved salt shaker, a little devil pops up onto my shoulder and […]

Inner Conflict

I’ve been studying inner conflict and how it can prevent us from reaching our goals. For instance, if I want to lose weight but I am using food to fill an emotional need, weight loss can be very difficult to achieve. I am in conflict. For many years I wanted to lose weight, but used food and drink as a way […]

Freedom From Emotional Eating

I had a client who recently walked into my office and said to me, “How do I stop eating?”…as if this was a serious option. As I began to explore her world I discovered that she was compulsively driven to food. She felt completely out of control and felt that her life was filled with chaos, guilt, and shame. She was stuck in […]

How to Stop Eating Sugar

  How to Stop Eating Sugar, That is The Question. Once you get started, it can be difficult to stop eating sugar. It tickles your dopamine center and your eyes roll to the back of your head and a sigh escapes your lips.. Well, maybe one more bite. Do you constantly need something sweet? Do you crave refined carbohydrates, such as […]

Does "Fake it Till You Make it" Really Work?

When I was developing a chapter on the Psychology of Food for my book Good Decisions… Most of the Time, I found an interesting article about how depressed individuals can smile their way out of their sadness. Hard to believe, right? Psychologists and philosophers call it “Embodied Cognition.” I call it “Rad”! But does it really work? “Embodied cognition” simply means […]