don't take it all so seriously

Week 2 of the No Sugar Challenge: Don't Take it all so Seriously!

How are you doing after having one week of the No Sugar Challenge under your belt? Are you taking things a little too seriously?Many people tell me they want to rip my head off and throw it against the wall! If you are one of those people, here is my photo for you to put on your wall and throw darts at 🙂
No matter how many times I tell people it is normal to feel nauseous, be irritable, get headaches, break out in pimples, and in general, feel like dirt or want to kill someone for a hit of sugar, I never stop feeling compassion for what they are going through.
Remember the secrets to success: pay attention to the voices in your head, laugh at the voices in your head, and be gentle with yourself as you navigate the discomfort of delaying gratification for improved health and well being.
Having a premeditated response that you can repeat over and over in tempting situations is helpful. Something like, “No, I will not eat you today” or “I’ve had you before, I will have you again, I am just not going to have you right now.”
Have fun with all this. Try not to take it too seriously and know that you got this!