sugar addiction

The Downfalls of Sugar Addiction

I was feeling nostalgic today about my past and was recalling how for most of my life I was addicted to sugar. I hated the roll of fat above my jeans but I loved sugar… lots of sugar. Sugar was how I connected with myself.
I didn’t discriminate. I loved ice cream just as much as I loved jelly beans and Snickers®, but my favorite was mudpie. Whenever I ate mudpie, I always overdid it and didn’t stop until I was in literal pain. I felt totally out of control and my craving for sweet things consumed me. Anything sweet relieved the chaos in my mind and brought me relief and comfort, but of course only temporarily. Eventually I was left without a shred of energy or mental clarity.
I remember feeling helpless, out of control, stuck, and alone.
Fortunately, I have come a long way since then. Once I figured out how to stop eating sugar, and found freedom from emotional eating I was able to devote much of my time to helping other to free themselves from sugar addiction. I can’t believe it has been 10 years since I worked with my first client! Since then, I have discovered many strategies that help my clients step away from sugar and into their own power.
But before I was able take the first step myself, I had to really face the fact that I was caught in the grips of sugar addiction. That sugar had me wrapped around its finger. I discovered this when I entered into nutritional therapy school and they gave us a list of symptoms that pointed to sugar addiction and poor blood sugar regulation. I was floored!
My recovery began soon afterwards and I have been helping people overcome sugar addiction and change their lives ever since.
So, how about you? Are you addicted to sugar? You can find out now by taking our “Are You Addicted to Sugar Quiz”.
Go for it! What do you have to lose? (Other than unwanted weight!)

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