side effects of positive change

The Side Effects of Positive Change

It is week four of the No Sugar Challenge! I am getting a few emails from our members stating that they are experiencing nausea, headaches, and just feel crappy in general. This is actually wonderful! While you may want to rocket launch me for taking pleasure is your discomfort, it is with the utmost love and support that I tell you what you are experiencing is completely normal and a side effect of positive change.
Here are a few tips to help you deal with those not-so-fun side effects:

Move Into the No Sugar Challenge At a Slower Pace

If these side effects are extremely uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to slow down and move into the Good Decisions foundations a little more slowly. Drink lots of water, get lots of rest and be very gentle with yourself as you make this transition.

The Transition to Fat Burning Mode

The quicker you move from refined carbohydrates to quality fat and proteins, the more side effects you might experience. This is because every cell in your body is making the transition from using glucose as energy, to fat burning mode. This is really cool, but can be an uncomfortable transition and can be a bit scary if you don’t know what’s happening.
Salt is another nutrient that can help during this transition. When carbohydrate consumption decreases the pancreas no longer has to pump out insulin. Insulin is what tells your kidneys to hold on to sodium, so in insulin’s absence, your body is free to start dumping excess sodium and water, which may leave you feeling depleted and dehydrated. It is not uncommon to get sick or experience the shakes or shivers. Sprinkle some extra sea salt on you meals to help with this.

Tips to Ease the Transition

Keeping well hydrated, and adding unrefined sea salt to your diet can ease these symptoms of sugar or carbohydrate withdrawals. And yes, that is exactly what you are experiencing, withdrawals.
Drink your body weight divided by two, in ounces per day, and add unrefined sea salt to your meals. Incorporate easy to digest nutrient rich meals such as homemade high protein soups or stews made with plenty of quality bone broth. Get lots of rest, and leave the exercise for when you are feeling better. Hot baths, massages and meditation can also be helpful.
Be gentle with yourself and honor your body by going at a pace that resonates with you.
And in the meantime, feel free to envision me rocket launched if it makes you feel better!