Keep Truckin'!

Week 1 of the No Sugar Challenge: Keep Truckin'!

How is everyone doing out there? We all have to keep truckin’!
When I told my partner about the No Sugar Challenge he agreed to do it with me. Now, keep in mind that this gentleman loves his desserts and drools every night at 7:45 just before the local ice cream shop closes it doors at 8pm.
Yesterday he told me he had a HUGE craving for something sweet. I could see that he was visibly uncomfortable. Like an addict going through withdrawals I watched as he battled brain fog, irritability and frustration. As tempted as I was to tease him, I know too well what sugar withdrawals are like so I sent him waves of compassion instead… along with a nice chicken dinner with a bit of fat to soothe and satiate.
Just wanted to let you know that I am sending you all waves of compassion as well! You are almost through the worst of it!